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Easy Account Opening

Open your trading account online within a day or visit our office for manual account opening

Activate MT5 on Devices

Activate your account on MT5 on your multiple devices as per your choice

Secure Funds Allocation

Allocate your funds securely and easily directly from your bank account to your trading account without interference of third party

Customized Commission

We offer customized and tailored commission as per your trading portfolio

Pay Less Trade More

Margin Trading allows you to pay as low as 1% of total trade value and enjoy profit of the total trade. This is the power of leverage

Buy Limit / Sell Limit

Set your desired buy or sell price and your trade will start when the market will reach the set price even if you are busy somewhere else

Take Profit / Stop Loss

Set your desired price and your profit shall be booked or loss shall be stopped even if you are busy somewhere else

Strategize Your Trades

The power of leverage, Margin Trading, Buy & Sell Limits and Take Profit / Stop Loss let you to strategize your trades to increase profits and minimize risk

Secure Withdrawals

PMEX transfers withdrawals directly from Exchange to your bank account without interference of third party

Lowest Tax Rate

Capital Gain Tax (C.G.T) is only 5% of the profit which is among the lowest tax rate in Pakistan

Legal Trading Platform

PMEX is the only Exchange in Pakistan which offers legal platform to trade in International Financial Markets

Make it Your Business

This is the era of online investment & trading and you can make trading your business


Seamless Mobile Trading

Trade with ease anytime, anywhere using our intuitive mobile platform.

Effortless Trading on Tablets

Effortless Trading on Tablets with Our Intuitive Platform

Desktop Trading Mastery

Experience effortless trading on laptops, providing unparalleled convenience wherever you are.

Desktop Trading Mastery

Simplify your trading experience with seamless desktop access.